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Governor Murphy signs Seabrooks-Washington Act  

In a victory for racial justice and public health, Governor Murphy signed S4250/A5326, the “Seabrook-Washington Community-Led Crisis Response Act, which would establish community-led crisis response teams as an alternative to police for nonviolent, substance use, mental and behavioral health calls. Below is more information on the road to this historic Act.    

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☎️ Call Governor Murphy’s Office at (609) 292-6000 and ask to speak to a Governor’s aide to express your support for the bill. Tell the aide that you support the “Seabrooks-Washington Community Led Crisis Response Act”, S4250, as it is written now and urge Governor Murphy to sign it into law.


💬 Text Governor Murphy at (732) 605-5455 and express your support for the bill


📧 Email and express your support for the bill.


🗣️ Share with your family, friends, and faith community and encourage them to do follow steps #1-3


I’m writing on behalf of [your organization or yourself or a loved one] to urge Governor Murphy to swiftly sign S4250/A5326: Seabrooks-Washington Community-Led Crisis Response Act.

S4250 would establish new and support existing community-led first response team pilot programs around the state in targeted areas, including Mercer, Passaic, Middlesex, Hudson, Camden, and Essex counties. Programs like these have been successful in municipalities around the country, such as Eugene (OR), Denver (CO), and Amherst (MA), and other localities and states are increasingly investing in community-led response models. Such programs – which rely on highly trained professionals experienced in addressing a range of concerns – have been proven to be effective tools for violence interruption and in limiting unnecessary and potentially harmful interactions between police and community members. Supporting and preserving the role of credible messengers within the  community  in response to crisis will save countless lives and build stronger communities.


[Your name]

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