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Prophetic Outcry |
Community As Wellness

Those most impacted identify evil and injustice as communities help shape the prophetic demands for just public policy.

Rituals As Resistance |
Organize, Organize, Organize

The Prophetic Outcry is given strategy and tactics to directly target the systems producing pain. Healing is the complete transformation of the system, as well as the realization of the prophethood or power of the people.

Salvation |
Healing By Community

As organizing gathers force and the community begins to see evil structures crumble and changes begin to advance, we also bear witness to black joy, discipleship, and calling. In this context, individuals are healed (saved) by the power of community, by evolved community.

Lament | Testimony to Truth

Rooted in Black Faith and Liberation Theology, voice is given as testimony to the impact of systemic racism by those most impacted. This witness is not performative pain, but a truth-telling moving toward liberation.

Liberation |
Equity and Transformation

While never complete, we bear witness to the signs of kin-dom as just policies are established and systems are transformed. We see the Prophetic Outcry now as visionary.

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