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Pulpit Toolkits

The Greatest Good: A Good Samaritan Theology on Drug Decriminalization


Keeping the Doors Open (Vaccine Equity)

SandSJ Vaccine Equity Pulpit Toolkit COVER.png

Police Accountability Pt. II: THEOLOGY

THEOLOGY  Pulpit Toolkit .png

The Black Ballot (Civic Engagement)

SandSJ Move NJ Pulpit Toolkit (COVER) 2024.png

Make The Right Call


Black In Our Hands (Black Maternal Health)

Black Maternal Health (COVER).png

Police Accountability Pt. III: POLICY

POLICY Pulpit Toolkit .png

Police Accountability Pt. I: HISTORY

HISTORY Pulpit Toolkit.png

Youth Justice Toolkit

Youth Justice Toolkit Final_Page_1.png


The Greatest Good

A Good Samaritan Theology on Drug Decriminalization

Black In Our Hands

Black Maternal Health

Keeping the Doors Open

Vaccine Equity

Red, Black & Blue Pt. 1

A History of the Underground Railroad, Policing and the Black Faith Response

Red, Black & Blue Pt. 2

Theological Pulpit Toolkit 

Red, Black & Blue Pt. 3

Policy Pulpit Toolkit

The Black Ballot

Civic Engagement

Youth Justice Toolkit

A Community-Led Restorative Justice Approach

Make the Right C.A.L.L.

A Community Response for New Jersey

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