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Salvation and Social Justice Accomplishments  

Utilizing the Theory of Change, we successfully implemented strategic initiatives that transform communities across New Jersey.  

Governor Murphy signs Seabrooks-Washington Act  

In a victory for racial justice and public health, Governor Murphy signed S4250/A5326, the “Seabrook-Washington Community-Led Crisis Response Act, which would establish community-led crisis response teams as an alternative to police for nonviolent, substance use, mental and behavioral health calls.   

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SandSJ Co-Founder Rosalee Boyer appointed to Maternal and Infant Health Authority Board 

Rosalee Boyer, First Lady of the historic Greater Mt. Zion Trenton A.M.E Church and co-founder of Salvation and Social Justice, has been newly appointed as a member of Governor Phil Murphy's Maternal and Infant Health Authority Board. Rosalee Boyer is enthusiastic about continuing to deliver culturally sensitive Black Maternal care. 

SandSJ creates the Trenton Restorative Street Team  

The Trenton Restorative Street Team (TRST) is a group of professionally trained community engagement practitioners committed to promoting peace and healing through restorative justice practices and trauma-informed care. We build strategic relationships by practicing the 5 L's method (Listen, Learn, Lament, Love, Lead). TRST operates in the North and West Wards connecting with residents through community events, walks, roundtable discussions and forums 

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