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Job Opportunities

Salvation and Social Justice is hiring one (1) High Risk Interventionist, one (1) Licensed Social Worker, and one (1) Outreach Worker to join our community-based violence intervention program.

High Risk Interventionist


Outreach Worker

JD - RJ - OW_Page_1.png

Licensed Social Worker

JD-RJ - Licensed Social Worker_Page_1.png

Police Accountability

Return & Restore Checklist: Community-Led First Response

Return & Restore_ Community Led Crisis Response (1).png

Police Accountability Pt. II: THEOLOGY

THEOLOGY  Pulpit Toolkit .png

Police Accountability Pt. I: HISTORY

HISTORY Pulpit Toolkit.png

Police Accountability Pt. III: POLICY

POLICY Pulpit Toolkit .png

Second Look

Return & Restore Checklist: Second Look

Return & Restore_ Second Look (1).png

Expungement Fact Sheet


Decriminalizing Black Bodies

Drug Decriminalization Fact Sheet

Drug Decrim INFO.png

Return & Restore Checklist: Decriminalizing Black Bodies 

Return & Restore_ Drug Decriminalization (1).png

The Greatest Good: A Good Samaritan Theology on Drug Decriminalization

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