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He Should Still Be Alive: SandSJ Releases Statement on Body Cam Footage of Najee Seabrooks' Death

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He Should Still Be Alive: Salvation and Social Justice Releases Statement on Body Camera Footage of Najee Seabrooks' Death

Najee Seabrooks called 9-1-1 because he was experiencing a mental health crisis and was in need of help. Instead of receiving the help that he needed and deserved... the help that officers are duty-bound to provide, his family, friends, colleagues, and community have been left mourning his death. We watched as Paterson police officers treated Najee like a criminal instead of a person in need of aid. Najee’s cry for help should not have resulted in his death. We need community-led alternative response to reduce unnecessary and harmful interactions between the police and Black communities so that when people reach out for help, they can receive it and not be punished for it.

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