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Antonio Bellamy

Program Coordinator

Pastor Antonio was born and raised in Trenton NJ. He is a graduate of Trenton Central High School and

currently enrolled at Cairn University where his ambition is to be the first in his family to earn a

college degree. As a former gang member from the streets of Trenton turned minister he skillfully

connects with people from the block to the board room. He has served in various capacities over the

past 17 years including speaking at events particularly addressing issues of injustice in regards to

police accountability and alternative methods for law enforcement and community relations.

Currently, he serves as the Senior Pastor at Transformation Church in Trenton NJ where he pioneers

innovative strategies to empower the street, the stray, and the stressed to become holistically healthy

as an ordained minister of the Gospel. He is also the Program Coordinator for the Trenton Restorative

Street Team at Salvation & Social Justice where he leads a team of trained Public Safety Professionals

with a mission to help restore justice and promote peace in Trenton schools and streets. He is also the

Co-Founder and CEO of Beauty To The Block Inc, a local non-profit committed to serving the homeless

population and providing mentorship, like skills, and leadership training for teens. Of all the ways he

serves, the most rewarding by far is being a husband to his beautiful wife Diane of 15 years and their 3

children: Promise, age 16, Serenity 13, and Joshua 9.

"The job of the conscious is to make the unconscious conscious."

― Stokely Carmichael

Antonio Bellamy
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