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Salvation and Social Justice Announces Partnership with General Baptist Convention in New Jersey

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March 18, 2024 

TRENTON, NJ - Salvation and Social Justice announces its formal partnership with the General Baptist Convention of New Jersey.   


Historically, the Black church in New Jersey and across the nation has been a proven and powerful mobilizing force toward racial and social justice. In that spirit, Salvation and Social Justice is excited to announce its formal partnership with General Baptist Convention of New Jersey.  


Salvation and Social Justice is a non-profit organization that seeks to liberate public policy theologically by modeling the hope and resilience of Black faith; where historically marginalized people move from lament to liberation by envisioning and creating their own community led solutions to a structurally racist society.   


I believe in the divine power of the Black church to lead the way from lament to liberation, to envision and create community-led solutions, and bring meaningful transformation to those impacted by failed policies.   


As we forge this transformative partnership between the General Baptist Convention of New Jersey and Salvation and Social Justice, we embody the hope and resilience of our ancestors. Through our collective faith, we envision a future where marginalized communities shape their destinies in a society plagued by systemic racism.   


I appreciate the commitment of Rev. Dr. J. Michael Sanders, Rev. Dr. James Dunkins, and the entire General Baptist Convention for leaning in with us to be deliberate in how we mobilize the Black Church,” said Rev. Dr. Charles Boyer, Salvation and Social Justice Executive Director and Pastor of Greater Mt. Zion AME Church in Trenton.   


The General Baptist Convention of New Jersey was incorporated in 1904 and seeks to inform and inspire Black faith communities about the work it is doing and opportunity for others to engage in its ministry.   


“As a people of color and as a people of faith, we are duty bound to be in the struggle for justice for all. We are to do more than preach a gospel that saves people from going to hell, we must also do the work that delivers people from hell here on earth. To be Christ like we have to ‘set the captives free,’” said Rev. Dr. J. Michael Sanders, General Baptist Convention of New Jersey President.   


Through strategic exchange of resources, thought partnership, direct services, training, education, and mobilization, this growing force of collective Black faith will continuously strive toward bringing meaningful transformation to the lives of those most impacted by failed and racist policies.   


“The Black faith community will be encouraged to continue to be an indomitable force addressing social atrocities and pursuing the empowerment of the most vulnerable as they face hideous attempts to revive racial, social, economic, and political inequities. This partnership will reinvigorate the GBCNJ churches to once again be that beacon of hope, that not only preaches the power of faith in our churches on Sunday, but makes that faith a reality in the lives of our people by leading the fight against injustice outside the walls of the church,” said Rev. Dr. James Dunkins, General Baptist Convention General Secretary and Senior Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Vineland & Port Norris.  


This partnership will hit the ground running as SandSJ and GBCNJ set their sights on the upcoming 2024 primary and general elections.   


As we gear up for the 2024 elections, we will collaborate on 'Souls to the Polls' and train clergy and laity on the issues at stake. No longer should politicians come into our pulpits with empty promises; rather, they must come and be accountable to agendas crafted by our people,” said Boyer.   

“We are proud of the new partnership with Salvation and Social Justice, which advances our convention’s commitment to be relevant and active on issues that uphold human dignity and respect. Our efforts honor the rich tradition in the Black church to mobilize faith into action and demonstrate the critical responsibility of the faith community to stand against injustices. This collaboration will bolster efforts to address the most pressing social justice issues of our time,” said Rev. Dr. Frances S. Teabout, General Baptist Convention General Financial Secretary and Senior Pastor of St. John’s Baptist Church & The Open Door Worship Center in Jersey City.   


As Salvation and Social Justice continues to expand its work and capacity, we are more than confident that the liberation of Black people starts in the Black Church. In that spirit, we seek to increasingly organize and mobilize relationships with influential Black faith leaders across New Jersey in anticipation of the launch of our Black Church Collaborative later this year. This partnership lays the groundwork for that Collaborative and opens opportunities for even deeper connection across the Black faith community in New Jersey.  


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