Integrate NJ

Show your support for integrating
New Jersey public schools

Our state is home to hundreds of thousands of children who learn not only from their teachers but from one another. However, as the 6th and 7th most segregated state for Black and Latino students, our children of all backgrounds find themselves in a system that denies them the full benefits of a diverse education—benefits that would be possible if we change state laws and practices that have long stood in their way.

Right now, we are awaiting the outcome of a lawsuit challenging the State of New Jersey’s horrible laws and practices that have segregated Black and Latino school students based on the geographic regions where they live.

Our coalition of students, parents, civil rights organizations and faith groups is calling on state leaders to finally integrate New Jersey schools. You can join us by signing this petition. In return, we will update you as this lawsuit unfolds and invite you to events and actions in person and online where you can become more involved.

Sign this petition to #IntegrateNJ schools. Together, we will send a message to our leaders that the time for change is now.